Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers in Rego Park, Queens

A fairly recent development in dentistry has allowed the use of ceramic dental veneers that can correct unnattractive front teeth. These ceramic veneers known as Porcelain Veneers can be used to correct heavy permanent stains or crooked and disproportionate teeth, that may have small spaces or may be structurally damaged. Porcelain Veneers are what is used in 'extreme makeovers'.

A significant development in modern day dentistry has allowed the use of new adhesion techniques and materials that allows the dentist to successfully adhere dissimilar materials to each other. Certain porcelain veneers materials have the ability to display similar physical properties as natural enamel. with the advance of ceramic technology it is possible to mimick the actual translucency of certain teeth. Normally the correction of unattractive teeth with veneers often involves two visits. Initially the dentist will conduct the preparation of the teeth, taking impressions of the teeth and will place temporary acrylic veneers. The normal processing time will be two weeks at the lab and usually the veneers are bonded at the second visit. Some dentists may use resin composite veneers, however the research has shown that dental porcelains and ceramics are superior to ceramics as they acculmulate less dental placque compared to resin composites, gold alloys and amalgmalms. It has also been found that the placque formed on ceramic surfaces is of a healthier composition.


As we age unfortunately our teeth age also and the enamel of our teeth gets discolored and stained. Anything from red wine to coffee and marinara sauce can cause the luster that we once had when we were younger to gradually disappear. Thankfully a recent technique of applying porcelain veneers is all that needs to be done to restore that youthful smile. Within no time you will have natural looking, sparkling white teeth just like when you were young or maybe better. The great thing about Lumineers by Cerinate is that they are as thin as a contact lenses

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Why do people choose porcelain veneeers and in particular 'Lumineers' by Cerinate. Well if you have seen newsreaders with sparkling white teeth or if you have heard about the 'Hollywood smile effect' then the chances are these individuals have 'Lumineers.'

Re-gaining your youthful white smile has become an option for so many people due to the fact that it is affordable and offers minimumdowntime and preparation.

Lumineers are a popular veneer option due to the fact that there is 'minimal preparation' or 'no preparation'involved. From a dentist and a patient point of view this is an easy option. It is a great option for patients who have minor spacing in their smiles. Lumineers do not require dentists to grind, cut or file down any of their tooth structures. The veneeers are therefore bonded to the front of the teeth. From a dentists point of view it is a minimally invasive procedure.

Lumineers have great advantages over traditional veneers. Traditional veneers require the grinding down of your original tooth structure. This can often be a painful and unpleasant experience. Lumineers are different in that they are ultra-thin (approximately 0.2mm) and highly translucent, therfore replicating the natural appearance of enamel. Due to the fact that they are so thin they require little or no tooth reduction and no shots are needed.

Once the Lumineers are finished there is absolutely no sensitivity and they feel completely natural. They are applied with an extremely strong and durable adhesive giving you the confidence to eat or drink whatever you want.

With Lumineers you can be confident of an outstanding smile.

Lumineers offer:

  • A stress free painless procedure.
  • Zero sensitivity - eat or drink whatever you want.
  • White results that will last.
  • They can fitted in as little as 2 visits.

Your veneers are personalized - in the first visit you will be fitted with a custom mold. On the second visit the dentist will check the shad and the fit of the Lumineers, then he will painlessly attach them. You walk out with an amazing smile.

Lumineers are the perfect option for someone with:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Spaced teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Slightly crowded teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Small teeth

Lumineers are great for an individual who wants wants a "Hollywood" smile or a substitute for braces.