Mini Dental Implants - Dr Pinchas has placed many MDI's in patients throughout Queens. MINI DENTAL IMPLANTS - MDI'S REGO PARK

Sometimes referred to as MDI's, miniature dental implants are smaller than traditional dental implants. When these were designed originally, it was for retaining dentures but now the minoi dental implant has many uses.

Patients may get confused about what your options are when it comes to mini-dental implants.

The main difference between MDI's and implants are that MDI's with a little bit of force are removable and hence a good substitute for dentures.There are two main pieces, one ofthem being the actual mini dental implant dentures and the other being the implant itself. The implant is a miniature titanium rod that has two ends. The first end is a screw and the otehr end is a ball shape that allows it to connect into the actual dentures.The titanium dental implant is one solid piece for additional sturdiness.

The denttures have a socket conect on the bases. This fits directly with the ball shaped head of the implants. The dentures also feature a rubber o-ring that creates the proper force that allows the implants to be held in place. The strength of the suction allows you to talk and eat like normal without the dentures being forced off. The dentures are easily removed by applying a little extra force and they basically unhinge. To put them back on just place over the ball and apply the requisite downward or upward pressure.

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MdI's versus traditional implants.

Patients may not fully realize the distinction between mini-dental implants and the traditionally used implants. One of the major differences is size. A traditional implant is between 4mm and 5.75mm in size. The mini dental implants are just 2mm in size.

The installation of MDI's is therfore easier than the traditional ones and it allows titanium screws to be implanted on narrower areas that were hard to operate on with traditional implants. There are also easier to implant MDI's as well than traditional dental implants. Patients might want to take this into consideration.

The installation of an MDI.

Compared to most dental surgeries MDI's are installed with relative ease.

Below are some of the key stages of the surgery.

  • Installation of MDI's is a single stage procedure whereby traditional implants are a two stage procedure.
  • Normally the procedure takes 2 hours or less.
  • Minimally invasive surgery is performed, there is no gum cutting and you will not need stitches removed.
  • The dentist will drill a pilot hole in to the bone.
  • Once the implant is screwed in only the ball top wuill show.

Stabilizing dentures with MDI's

MDI's can help with dentures that get loose over time. This can be an embarrasing problem for the wearer who may have difficulty eating or while talking.MDI's can help considerably. They'll create a socket in the dentures, and make one, maybe two implants with the MDIs, and use those in order to provide better stabilization for the loose dentures.

Cost of MDI's

Mini dental implants are normally 60% cheaper than the traditional types of dental implants.

The good news is that mini dental implants can actually be up to 60% cheaper than the traditional types of dental implants.

It may be interesting to note that dental insurance may be a way to get the cost of MDI's down. Many dental insurance companies can cover 75% and upwards of the cost of mini dental implants therefore it might be worthwhile looking for the ones that will make MDI's cheaper.