Full Mouth Reconstruction - Rego Park, Queens.

Full mouth Reconstruction basically means what it says. Basically from a dentist point of view it means overhauling the appearance and functionality of the mouth by using certain procedures in a certain order to replace missing teeth, repair chipped or damaged teeth, repair faulty bites, asses and repair gum damage . In some cases the dentist will treat diseases of the mouth, address jawbone isssues, replace worn out and non perfunctioning dental work. Dr Pinchas will address each one of these issues one by one. When the situation is such that the patient has multiple health problems then overall process of applying many of these procedures one by one is known as full mouth reconstruction. It may include any of the following procedures in any combination:

  • The use of restorative treatments: dental crowns, bridges, fillings, inlays, and onlays
  • The use of Implant dentistry: placing of dental implants to replace missing teeth
  • Cosmetic dentistry: adding porcelain veneers. Using teeth whitening, dental bonding and contouring and gum re-contouring
  • Neuromuscular dentistry/TMD treatment : correction of problems involving the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) and the bite
  • Treatments for bruxism (teeth grinding) : Dr Pinchas will resolve teeth grinding and associated symptoms
  • Orthodontics: Invisalign®, the use of metal braces, expanders or spacers.
  • Oral surgery: root canal therapy. The grafting of soft and hard tissue and the extraction of severely decayed or damaged teteh
  • Periodontal treatments: deep scaling, root planning below the gumline, and periodontal surgery
  • Teeth whitening: Finally teeth whitening in order to bring a dazzling smile to a patients teeth and remove years of accululated stains
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full mouth reconstruction after and before full mouth reconstruction dentist rego park queens

Who is a candidate for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

When Dr Pinchas sees a patient with multiple oral health problems that affect most of their teeth and supporting tissues in the mouth then they will almost certainly be a candidate for full mouth reconstruction. Patients that require extensive oral surgery need to be healthy enough to receive local or general anesthesia.

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