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If you have lost your teeth through an accident, decay or gum disease you do not have to live the rest of your life without teeth.

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Valplast are revolutionary dentures that are flexible and take the place of missing teeth that have fallen out or need to be extracted. Valplast have provided excellent quality dentures for the past 50 years. The offer flexibility, durability and are very comfortable for patients to wear. The main benefit is that they look very natural.

Traditional dentures are made from acrylic and are a pink plastic. Valplast are made from very tough nylon material that is lighter than traditional dentures.

Valplast is made from an incredibly strong nylon material that comes with a lifetime guarantee which protects them from breakages or fractures. They are also constructed differently being lighweight and comfortable - due to the ability to be flexible and move in the mouth. Valplast dentures are normally smaller than standard acrylic dentures allowing the roof of the mouth or floor of the mouth to be free of denture metal/zcrylic extensions.

One of the great benefits of Valplast dentures is the fact that they are available in different shades of pink in order to suit different shades of the patient gum, giving a more natural and less obvious finish. Valplast dentures do cost more than traditional dentures but many patients feel that they are worth the money. Valplast can be used for patients that have extensive dental problems and require numerous extractions. Valplast dentures may be the solution if you do not wish to have dental implants. There are no metal components and you can have a natural looking smile with a very high quality denture.

Who is a suitable candidate for Valplast dentures?

1. Patient who need dentures but have allergies to acrylic materials.
2. Patients who have had extractions, have missing teeth, do not want implants and need to restore their chewing ability.

What is the procedure for being fitted Valplast dentures at Perfect Teeth Dental PLLC?

1.- Dr Pinchas will asses the state of your missing teeth and let you know if Valpalst dentures will be suitable for your case. If you with to go ahead then impressions will be taken for the Valplast Dentures.
2.- Dr Pinchas will then ask you in for a second visit that is required to measure your bite and your occlusion
3.- On the final visit will consist of fitting the denture and you will be given instructions regarding care and hygiene of your new dentures.