Dental Bonding - Rego Park, Queens

If you have jagged, gapped or chipped teeth and you esthetic apearance is being compromised then the answer may be bonding. Dr Pinchas may be able to perform a simple procedure to repair your smile using cosmetic tooth bonding or contouring

How does cosmetic bonding work?

Cosmetic bonding involves 3 steps.

  • First the doctor applies a tooth colored resin to the area that needs the structure or repair.
  • The Dr Pinchas will cure the resin using a special light that artistically sculpts the material to blend with the existing tooth.
  • Finally he polishes the area to a nice shine.

Finally your teeth will look as good as new and your smile has been transformed. Many patients prefer this to porcelain veneers as it is less costly, howver porcelain veneers last longer than bonding. Always best to see Dr Pinchas who will give you his professional opinion.

Dr Pinchas and Cosmetic Tooth Contouring Works:

Minor chips can be corrected or rough tips on your teeth. Dr Pinchas can contour a smooth friendly appearance by using contouring which removes tooth structure and smooth edges or lines to fix and transform your smile.